5 Celebrities Who Have Been Worked On Breast Reduction

Drew Barrymore Breast Reduction Surgery

See 5 famous people who had a breast reduction operation to look better By Sanskari News


Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Breast Reduction Surgery
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The surprise article on the subject is Drew Barrymore! Many don’t know that sometime in the past, Drew underwent a breast reduction operation. For aesthetic reasons, however, she did not go under the knife. Drew Barrymore then gave a surprising response when a TV host asked her why her breast size had to be reduced! “Women and their breasts are very uncomfortable,” said the star of the “Scream.” “If you are enormous, you are incredibly self-conscious and injure your back. You’ll find that whatever you wear, you look heavy in it.

Ariel Winter

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‘ Modern Family ‘ actress Ariel Winter was surgeries to reduce the size of 32F to 34D last year. The woman said that she opted for the operation because of the unwanted attention to her big breasts. She recently witnessed the surgical scars on SAG awards.


Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Surgery
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In her forties, Jennifer Connelly’s now. You will note that her breasts now look much smaller if you recall seeing her during her younger years. Jennifer Connelly is not one of the ladies in Hollywood who obviously have big and beautiful breasts. She had to opt for a breast implant operation to increase the number of her bust. Jennifer Connelly has reportedly been under a new knife for unknown reasons to get rid of those silicone implants. After her acting debut in 1982, she has been a busy performer. For her amazing 2001 film A Beautiful Mind, she won an Emmy, Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award.


Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye Breast Reduction Surgery
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Soleil Moon Frye is a famous personality of American TV. In popular TV shows such as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (2000) and Punky Brewster (1984), the 39-year-old actress played key roles. She had to go under the knife to reduce her breast size when she was just 16 years old. As you can see in the picture, Soleil Moon Frye had huge breasts that were too big for her age. She had trouble dealing with them both physically and socially. She went through a breast reduction surgery to reduce her 38DD breasts to 36C.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson Breast Reduction Surgery
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Pamela Anderson is one of the few female Hollywood celebrities who have invested a lot of money on cosmetic procedures. She went under the knife multiple times to increase and decrease her breast size. In 1989, she grabbed the country’s attention by appearing on the Playboy magazine’s cover page. In February 1990, Hug Hefner chose Pamela Anderson to be the ‘Playmate of the Month’. Shortly after becoming Playboy’s Playmate, she moved to Los Angeles hoping to settle as a professional model. Pamela Anderson went through the breast augmentation surgery twice to increase the size of her breasts to 34DD. In 1999, she went under the knife once again, but this time, to reduce the breast size!


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